Leading High-Performance Team


Leading High-Performance Team : Coaching in the Asian Culture tells the story of how a business coach helped transform a traditionally-run Asian small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) into a high-performance organization. It covers the practical leadership skills and mindset shift adopted by the management team to overcome their business challenges and develop their people.

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Leading High-Performance Team: Coaching in the Asian Culture

Leadership entails more than just putting in place systems, processes and managing people by rules and policies. In the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world that we operate in, it is essential to have High-Performing Leaders. Leaders who have the right mindset and attitude to navigate challenges and capabilities to lead their teams to great heights.

Many leaders in the Asia market are also facing the challenge of managing a new generation of millennials, a culturally diversified workforce and an aging baby-boomer generation who are staying employed longer.

Leading High-Performance Team: Coaching in the Asian Culture is a fable that takes place in a small and medium-sized business setting. It entails the technological and economic challenges that this traditional business owner is facing. Add to the fact that his millennial daughter who recently joined him is struggling to adapt culturally in helping the company stay relevant. Obviously, the mindset and leadership styles among the management team had to change first. They needed to adapt to the changing environment so as to overcome their adversity in work and in life. The characteristics of a high-performance team are gradually uncovered as the story unfolds to enable the reader to grasp the concept and importance.

Through their years of working in large corporations and building businesses, Laurence and Eng Neo infuse their insights and practical leadership strategies in this engaging story. Whether you are a business owner, manager, team leader of a large, medium or small organization, Leading High-Performance Team provides powerful and practical strategies for overcoming challenges and managing under-performing employees; transforming ordinary organizations into High-Performance Teams.

In Leading High-Performance Team, you will discover:

  • How to build trust with your team
  • How to engage with the millennial workforce
  • How to motivate team members to be more accountable
  • How to work with different personalities and leverage on their strengths
  • How to coach and develop individuals into high-performance team


About the Author(s):

Laurence Tan, C. Eng Neo

Laurence and Eng Neo are leadership coaches, mentors, facilitators and co-founders of BP Coach Training. With over twenty-years of leadership experience with MNCs across Asia Pacific and managing SMEs, they currently help organizations transform into high-performance teams. Both Laurence and Eng Neo are International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coaches.


Book Reviews:

“Succinctly narrative with gripping relevance. The story-telling style provides realistic in-situ workplace context that a reader can readily relate to – a clever and effective way of presenting ideas that may otherwise be esoteric to many. The book is a relatively quick read, but packs practical and timely insights for leaders to transform themselves towards adopting the coaching mindset that is necessary to build high performance teams. A worthwhile and essential book for leaders or aspiring leaders.”

Lawrence Yong, CEO, MoolahSense Pte Ltd


“The story-telling format of this book makes for easy reading. The key take-aways and learning points are relevant whether you are leading a small team, a department or an organisation. And the leadership skills and mindset highlighted are essential for every leader. Employees deliver their best in a climate that is constructive, positive and empowering. In today’s digital economy, social media plays a big role in defining success and virtual interactions have overtaken face-to-face interactions by leaps and bounds. Every physical interaction, face-to-face or on the phone has become precious and such opportunities should be best leveraged using coaching techniques.
Clearly, Laurence and Eng Neo have written this book based on their vast experience as leaders in their own organisations, against the backdrop of an Asian country. Cultural nuances played a big part of the coaching techniques through out the book. ”

Chye N. Chong, Managing Director, IBM Malaysia


“A book relevant for today’s SME Leaders, distinguished by its deep insight on the coaching principles and skills. This book clearly explains the difference between Asian Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching and how we can effectively coach people to bring out the best in them.
I really enjoyed reading every chapter and have benefited from reading this book especially the listening and powerful questioning skill in my role as a manager.
Good book to share with all leaders who aspire to improve their team members’ performance.”

Cynthia Nah, Finance Manager, Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd


“This book Leading High-Performance Team, through its many scenarios and anecdotes, has painstakingly laid out the emerging challenges often faced by management of SMEs. John, the coach character, takes on these challenges head-on and through the process, displays many of his sensitivities and acumen in the way he goes about coaching the management team of IRS Pte Ltd, a typical SME set-up in Singapore (often described as a melting pot of Asian cultures and diversities). The very best coaching, especially in the Asian culture context, often happens when the coachee does not realise he or she is being coached. These are just a few of the many “aha” moments in this book that should send the lightbulbs flashing in the minds of every supervisor, manager or director.

The authors labelled their work as a fable. I would rather call it a down-to-earth, honest and realistic portrayal of the growing struggles many of our Asian SMEs face. The book suggests that SMEs may not necessarily be always struggling from the lack of skilled talents or technical know-hows. Rather, what is sorely lacking are the capabilities needed to lead a high-performance team. Coaching, as the authors Laurence and Eng Neo have demonstrated in the book, can address many of these capabilities, and when embraced by SMEs, can bring about the transformational changes needed to survive an increasingly VUCA world.”

Winston Tan, Trainer & Learning Consultant, Wellern International, Associate Trainer with Civil Service College, Singapore. He trains and inspires thousands of public officers in many countries through his programme.


“A captivating and well written book on leadership coaching that exemplifies how to conduct coaching more professionally with practical emphasis. The explanation and guidance in the book on the coaching process was crystal clear and can be easily understood through the case scenario. I highly recommend this book ‘Leading High-Performance Team’ to all leaders who have keen interest in the developmental aspects for their staff. This is a must read book for all leaders who would like to apply the coaching approach towards their staff development. I am sure you will benefit greatly from reading it!”

Francis Seah, Regional HR Business Partner, Idemitsu International (Asia) Pte Ltd


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